Having been founded as early as 1883, the Hindu High School has a glorious heritage. Originally established for imparting primary education, the school re-shaped and was upgraded to a Higher Secondary school on July 10, 1978. The institution is functioning with the help of financial aid being provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu since April 1, 1964. Tamil is the medium of instruction from classes 6 to 12.

An educational trust runs and governs our school. Sri. N. Subramanya is the current president of the trust and Sri M. Subramanian is the Secretary.

The following people have served as past Presidents of the trust.

Past Presidents
2013 – 2017 Sriram Subramanya
1988 – 2013 Muthumalla Reddy
Until 1988 K. Muthulinga Reddy

The educational trust runs the Hindu Primary School within the same premises. This school has been recognized and is functioning since 1925 and has been government aided since April 1, 1964. Sri M. Subramanian is the secretary of this primary school since 2017 and Sri N. Subramanya has been taking care of it from 1975 to 2017.

An eminent committee manages the educational trust and offers expert advice in matters related to governance.

Committee Members

N. Subramanya

Sriram Subramanya
(Vice president)

Anu Sriram

M. Subramanian

T.P. Ventkataperumal
(Head Master)

A. Dhansekaran

S. Umapathy

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